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Lake Belle Taine Coffee Mugs

There's nothing better than drinking your morning cup of coffee while overlooking beautiful Lake Belle Taine... except drinking it out of an official Lake Belle Taine coffee mug! If you haven't seen these, they are beautiful works of art.


If you've visited a MN state park, you'll find these selling for $30+, but you can buy one for only $15 (if you're a member of the LBTA) or $20 if you're not. They have a raised seal with the Lake Belle Taine name and image of a loon. There's not much profit at these prices, but what profit there is goes directly into the Invasive Species fund to help keep the lake clean for years to come. Not only are they the perfect mugs to have at your cabin, but they make terrific and memorable gifts!

Lake Belle Taine Mugs

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